Enrico Rossi – a leading Men’s Fashion Brand was first
launched in Israel in the 1980’s. The brand produces and markets a complete line of men’s fashion garments such as pants, shirts & T-shirts, sweaters, jackets etc., and is distributed at specialized stores all over Israel.
We, at Enrico Rossi pride ourselves for our uncompromising,
superior quality garments. To achieve this goal Enrico Rossi implements a meticulous production process - starting with the selection of the finest fabrics, accessories and productions facilities, all the way through to the strictest quality control process. Enrico Rossi boasts a large range of men’s fashion products and aims to offer a complete solution for the needs of the Israeli customer. Our customers enjoy a diverse line of garments which is constantly being updated and which follows the latest world fashion trends. This, in combination with our unique Israeli spirit provides the final product.
Behind the Enrico Rossi brand name stands our long term
vision which places our client’s fashion needs and desires at the center.  We at Enrico Rossi, aim to provide the best service possible by being constantly attentive to our clients’ changing requirements and expectations. We aspire to make our garments and collections both fashionable and practical - without ever compromising their quality.

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